While rehearsing for his comeback 'This is It' tour, Michael Jackson allegedly appeared strong and healthy said Paul Gongaware, an executive for AEG Live, at the manslaughter trial of Jackson's attending physician Dr. Conrad Murray. Gongaware said that the King of Pop was energetic and working. AEG was the promoter for the highly touted tour.

According to FOX News, Gongaware's testimony was meant to illustrate that both the singer and his physician were fully engaged in preparations for the show before Jackson died.

It's worth noting that AEG is being sued by Jackson's mother Katherine  for negligent supervision of defendant Murray when he worked with Jackson. She is essentially accusing AEG of pushing Jackson too hard for his comeback tour and not keeping an eye on Murray, whom her son selected as his personal physician for the tour.

At the heart of this argument is just how ready and able Jackson was to embark on his much anticipated comeback trek and if he was being overworked by the concert promoter, as well as how Murray was looking after his famous patient.