They've done it again!

After blowing the Internet away in June with their choreographed routine to a mashup of Beyonce hits, these three French male dancers - Yanis Marshall, Arnaud Boursain and Mehdi Mamine - have decided to tackle Ariana Grande's 'Break Free.' And like their first viral video, they did their dance routine wearing high heels!

Dancing while wearing high heels is no easy feat, yet these three break the gender stereotypes and seemingly perform their specialty with flawless coordination. Not only is it fun to watch these guys do their killer routine, but check out the dancers behind them looking on in awe. There's even one lady on the far left who seemingly can't help herself but try to mimic their moves while watching on.

The three filmed the Beyonce video as they were practicing to compete in the finale on Season 8 of 'Britain's Got Talent.' The trio made it into the final 12 but unfortunately placed 11th in voting.

Click on the video (h/t E! News) above to watch their amazing routine.