Tonight on 'X Factor,' Tiah Tolliver was the only who mattered during her group's performance on Michael Buble's seducing and sultry tune 'Feeling Good.' While the rest of her group failed to deliver anything special or memorable, Tolliver had judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger kicking themselves for ever doubting her vocal abilities.

Although it's hard to stand out when there's like seven other people singing around you, Tiah Tolliver made it clear that she was in it to win it. After almost being ousted from the competition during the audition rounds -- with Simon Cowell and LA Reid voting "yes" while Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were more hesitant to send her through -- Tolliver sang her heart out, and sauntered across the stage almost saying "Yeah I'm here and I'm good" with her body language.

We have no doubt that Tolliver will be chosen by one of the judges for their team. We also have a feeling it will be Simon Cowell who will snag Tolliver for his team, since he really fought for her and had a huge smile on his face tonight as she sang the Buble song. We bet Paula and Nicole want to bury their heads right about now for being so wrong about the young 'X Factor' hopeful.

Watch the Group Perform 'Feeling Good' on 'X Factor'