One thing Tiesto isn't interested in doing is working with pop stars. He may be regarded as one of the biggest DJs in the world, but he does not want to be like David Guetta, Calvin Harris or other EDM stars who rocketed into mainstream consciousness on the back of their big name collabos.

"I don't want to produce for other people just for the sake of it or just to make money," he told Rolling Stone, indicating that he is an EDM purist. "For me it only works when it adds something to the song."

So what if Usher or Rihanna approached him and requested his services? Well, they'd get a big, fat "no," regardless of what they'd offer Tiesto, who just remixed Icona Pop, from the French duo's bank account.

"If somebody comes up to me, a big pop artist, and they'll be like 'I need your songs,' I'm gonna be like 'No thanks,'" Tiesto said. "Those pop artists, I don't have a connection with them."

At least he's not frontin'.

Tiesto is currently working on his new album, which follows 2009's 'Kaleidoscope.' He's not concerned what people expect from him, saying, "I'm always polite... But I don't give a s--- what people think of my music. I need to make what I like. I can't just make stuff for other people. I need to like it myself."

Oh, it's worth nothing that all this comes from a guy who just played before rabid festival fans in Seattle one night and then immediately flew to Chicago for a "lifestyle" gig, which likely netted him a big, fat paycheck. "You come to the city, nice dinner, meet nice people, nice intimate crowd to play for," he explained. "It's more like a high-end fashion kind of crowd."

Yeah, the Stanley Cup was there, too, since the Blackhawks won and some members of the team were in attendance.

Who needs Rihanna collabos when you can play in the presence of Lord Stanley's Cup?