Tiffany Houghton is taking PopCrush behind the scenes of her 'Love Like That' video, which premieres tomorrow, on Valentine's Day. In this three-minutes-and-counting clip, the lovely blonde singer shares all the secrets of the video, from the aerial inspiration to where she picked up the props that populate it.

Spoiler: She was inspired when she saw two old people sitting next to each other on a plane, holding hands for an entire flight. Awww, right?

It made her think of their romance and how in the old days, things -- like love -- lasted longer. She wants a love like that! Who doesn't?

Houghton talks about how she appreciates the innocence from an era gone by and enjoys when boys hold doors open for her or pay for her dinner on a date. She also says that she and friends used to listen to records and talk about the BFs they think they deserved, taking their frustrations out on cupcakes and candy.

This BTS footage, featuring the singer seated on a wood floor in a mint green and pink floral June Cleaver dress, will get you excited for the premiere of the official video!