Rejoice, fans of mid-to-late 2000s trash TV—your VH1 HBIC Tiffany "New York" Pollard is back.

The reality TV queen famously appeared on the trainwreck of a dating competition Flavor of Love, where she competed Bachelor-style for the affection of eccentric Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav in not one, but two gloriously messy seasons brimming with cat-fights and clock necklaces.

Pollard, who had been nicknamed "New York" by Flav, ended up becoming a love-to-hate-her fan favorite, booking in the process a series of spin-offs including I Love New York, New York Goes To Hollywood, and New York Goes To Work. Earlier this year, the personality appeared on an episode of Botched to correct a former breast augmentation mishap.

Now it seems as though the former reality TV icon will be making her way to Celebrity Big Brother, where it's said she may follow in the footsteps of last season's much-hated Teen Mom expat, Farrah Abraham, who quickly became a villain during her stint on the show. Pollard, who has become known for her vicious blow-ups and fights on Flavor of Love, is more than likely to dial up the drama big time for the show, which is exactly what producers are hoping for.

"Everyone is already calling her 'Storm Tiffany,'" a source tells the Daily Star, adding, "When she hits, [there will] be chaos."

It looks like the U.K. will get a dose of "New York" when the show makes its seventeenth season on Tuesday, January 5 on Channel 5.

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