A male-driven group performed fourth on tonight's episode of 'X Factor.' It was comprised of Josh Krajcik, who has a soulful voice and a showbiz mom, along with Kompl3te, James Kenney, Nick Dean, Thomas McAbee and Tiger Budbell.

Yes, we know, it was a sausage party that came together to sing Five For Fighting's soft rock hit 'Superman.' We're also wondering aloud: Is his name really Tiger Budbill? It can't be!

Poor Nick. He went first and forgot the words and nearly bungled the whole shebang, until Kenney swooped in and saved the day, so to speak, picking up where Dean dropped the ball. It was Krajcik and Budbill, the latter of which was in danger of not advancing during his audition but was given a last minute reprieve, that made this song their own. Each has a powerhouse voice that we want to hear more of. Kenney was pretty good, too. Dean totally faltered and we're thinking he's seen his final hours on 'X Factor.'

Of all the groupings tonight, this was perhaps the smartest and most well thought out on the producer's parts, since it was all male voices and a little more congruous. That could be what helped Krajcik and Budbill turn heads and put smiles on our faces. Nice work, gents! Okay, we'll throw some props to the producers, too.

Watch 'Superman' on 'X Factor'