The second group to perform on 'X Factor' tonight did things a little differently and showed off their creativity and forward thinking performance strategies. Each member of the group came onto the stage one by one, as opposed to at the same time, to perform Rascal Flatts' 'I Won't Let Go,' like an expanding pop music symphony of sorts. It was a wise strategy, since it drew the focus on to each singer as he or she appeared.

It was Tim Cifers and Matthew Slovacek who went first and second, and both showcased voices that proved unbelievably fit for this song. Cifers has a real country vibe to him, so he lucked out when he was chosen to be a part of this group, performing this song.

Young Hannah Bethel packs a lot of vocal power into her teenage body, and she soared when her turn came up.
This group really worked well when performing the song, and if we sat at the table next to Simon Cowell and Co., we'd have trouble cutting any of them, really.

The unlikely Thomas Wells, 35, belted out his vocal portion better than blonde-haired twin duo Kingston. They look like pop stars; he doesn't. So don't judge an 'X Factor' hopeful by his or her outer appearance. It's about what comes out of their gullet that truly counts.

Watch Tim Cifers, Hannah Bethel + More Perform 'I Won't Let Go' on 'X Factor'