Tim Mahoney went old-school with his audition for 'The Voice' by performing legendary singer Sam Cooke's 1962 classic 'Bring It On Home to Me.'

The 39-year-old singer from Minneapolis divulged that he has been grinding away at a music career for 14 years, but has yet to catch a big break. "This show is so important for me to make it because I do feel that I've been trying so hard at this from so many angles, and I'm not getting any younger," explained Mahoney, who has already released five solo albums independently. "I feel like this is my last shot."

Mahoney's performance got a quick reaction out of Adam Levine, who quickly buzzed in after only a few notes. None of the other coaches picked Mahoney, leaving Levine as his coach. However, the Maroon 5 frontman admitted he was surprised when he turned around to see Mahoney.

"It's gonna get a little weird for a second," warned Levine. "Don't be insulted by this: I thought you were gonna be a chick. And I've heard that about my voice a lot." Nonetheless, Levine was happy to take on Mahoney as a member of his team.

After getting the good news, Mahoney told host Carson Daly, "I feel like this is my time to break through that next level."

Watch Tim Mahoney Sing Sam Cooke's 'Bring It On Home to Me' on 'The Voice'