Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is the hottest of topics in the NFL. The deeply religious QB won a Heisman Trophy in college, but all scouts claimed he didn't possess the skills, the arm or the ability to see the field that is necessary for success on the pro level.

Naturally, experts were shocked when he was drafted in the first round. Despite all the critics predicting he would be a flop and his less-than-impressive stats, Tebow is clutch and his tale is a feel-good story. He has managed to win 7 of the 8 games he's started and to orchestrate fourth quarter and overtime wins for his team. In honor of Tebow's winning (insert Charlie Sheen voice here) 2011 season, DJ Steve Porter has created a viral video remix culled from clips of ESPN analyst discussions of the QB.

In just three days, the clip has amassed nearly half a million views, thanks to its repetition of analyst Skip Bayless espousing Tebow's virtues as a "gamer" and a "play maker" set to an update of DJ Khaled's sports park anthem 'All I Do Is Win.' It's been changed to 'All He Does Is Win.'

There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of noted football fan Lil Wayne in the video, positioned like he is an ESPN analyst. Rapper Nelly is also tucked into the clip.

The theme is that Tebow is a gamer, a baller, a playmaker and a shot caller. Fewer athletes have been this polarizing among commentators. The result is a fun pop culture vid!

Watch Tim Tebow 'All He Does Is Win' Viral Video