Timbaland enlists two of today's top dance music artists, David Guetta and Pitbull, for his new song 'Pass at Me,' a track likely to appear on his upcoming 'Shock Value III' record.

The song fuses a number of different styles. Guetta's influence is seen most obviously in the frenetic beat, while the song also borrows the "ole, ole, ole" soccer chant and incorporates computer-distorted vocals and keyboards that sound like horns.

Pitbull kicks things off with the rap, "Used to listen to Cover Girls / Coincidentally, now I mess with cover girls / Magazines, you can catch me on the cover, girl / I created my own planet, I hovered the Earth and covered the world."

Later, he adds a new twist to a familiar nursery rhyme: "Jack and Jill went up the hill, each with a buck and a quarter / Jill came back with $2.50, what a working girl / Now work it girl!"

Timbaland's limited vocal contributions are highlighted by the lines, "I love when I see your pretty a-- on the floor / I like when I see you break it down like you in control."

'Pass at Me' is undeniably fun, but there's just too much going on. It's not a total mess, but it's also not the most cohesive song we've ever heard. We'll have to wait and see if the rest of Timbaland's 'Shock Value III' album lives up to expectations.

Listen to Timbaland, 'Pass at Me' Feat. David Guetta and Pitbull