Time has named its Most Influential People in the World for 2013. This list focuses on the 100 gamechangers of 2013, and points the finger (in a good way) at Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and several other key players in pop music.

This is not the same as Lady Gaga's recent Time triumph, as that was a reader's poll that extended to the past decade and was not focused on this year.

'The Great Gatsby' director Baz Luhrmann cited Bey, who contributes to the film's soundtrack, for "her warmth and her humility," noting she is always surrounded by family.

Stevie Wonder celebrated JT, writing, "His star power comes from the fact that he sounds like he's having fun when he makes music, and he can read a song — meaning as a singer or songwriter, you can feel the emotion."

Christina Aguilera was exaulted by fellow vocal powerhouse Celine Dion, who wrote, "Her tone is beautiful, and her voice has got so much power, yet so much sensitivity — and technically, I think, she’s flawless." Meanwhile, John Legend high-fived Frank Ocean, saying, "He will follow his muse wherever it goes — he’s not the kind of artist to adhere to everyone else’s schedule. That’s what makes him special."

R&B'er Miguel was given accolades from music critic Douglas Wolk, who lauded "his constant innovation, formal daring, unexpected sources of inspiration, and emotional directness."

Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun was given props by DreamWorks' mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg. He wrote, "I’m convinced that Scooter’s warmth and heart are why so many young clients gravitate to him — he treats Justin like a member of his own family."

Mayor Bloomberg, not Obama, feted Jay-Z with words, acknowledging that the Hov "embodies so much of what makes New York New York... he’s proved that the American Dream is alive and well."

What a bunch of lovefests!

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