If you're getting tired of the never-ending kerfuffle over Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's rather gentle (and really quite funny) jokes about Taylor Swift's love life, take heart: Fey knows exactly how you feel.

E! Online reports that paparazzi caught Fey on the streets of New York City and couldn't resist asking her for yet another comment on the manufactured feud between Swift, Poehler, and herself. Faced with the impossible task of providing an eloquent answer to a no-win question with a bunch of cameras and microphones in her face, Fey offered the only reasonable response:

"Go f--- yourself."

Fey then proceeded to try and signal the end of the "conversation" by consulting her phone and talking with a fan, but her interrogators were undaunted; once they had another opening, they started in again, asking her if she could comment on anything. Her cheerful answer? "Go f--- yourself."

Granted, it takes a certain level of charm to pull something like this off without coming across as Sean Penn-style crazy, but we like what Fey did here, and hope other stars are paying attention -- just about any celebrity controversy could be defused by hitting the paparazzi with a simple, friendly delivery of those three lovely words.

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