Tinashe's music might speak to love of "Party Favors," but at 22, she still proudly lives under the same roof as her parents and siblings in a relatively calm household.

In a new interview with Complex, the "Energy" singer, who covers the magazine's February/March issue, says her family's support through her star's rising has been a fundamental part of her success, and that the prospect of moving into her own place is unnerving. The piece notes the shared house is full of baby photos and pieces of original art — Tinashe has even made sure that a traditional Christmas show is still produced annually.

"I’m the director and I tell them what the choreography is and how it’s going to go down," she says.

And while her love of family registers as sincere, Tinashe recognizes that stories she tells through music don't always reflect real life so earnestly.

"I’ve always been able to tap into the storytelling aspect of writing," she explains. "As an artist you’re allowed to create stories that aren’t so literal to your life. I’m able to take stories that my friends have gone through, things I’ve witnessed, secondhand accounts, and narrate that."

Still, it doesn't seem to get realer than Tinashe's work ethic. The story's writer, Ross Scarano, notes he saw Tinashe vomit into a trashcan upon meeting her before she appeared on a Complex panel in May 2015. She still managed to fulfill her professional obligations, he adds.

"I was next to dead,” Tinashe recalls. “Twice a year, I just get violently sick for like two days. You get to the point where you’ve been going so much, nonstop, and it hits you all at once. That’s where I was when you saw me. But you want to keep going; you’re supposed to keep going. It’s not like I have a day off to recover."

Read the full interview at Complex.

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