You already know Tinashe serves up some of the tightest moves in the game today: From getting "2 On," to dropping that kitty down low with Charli XCX and A$AP Rocky to rendering shipping containers iconic with her fierce "All Hands On Deck" footwork. But did you know the Aquarius princess was already getting 2 On well before her major label debut?

Um, Britney Spears sure did.

Earlier this week, the "Pretend" princess retweeted an old tweet from none other than the Legendary Miss Brit Brit herself, who sent some praise Tinashe's way, way back in 2011 for a video the young singer shot while stuck in traffic inside the Queens Midtown Tunnel.

Now, some people like to turn up the radio in the middle of traffic. Others prefer to scream and shout (REFERENCE). But Tinashe? She only sees it as a prime opportunity to get 2 On.

The singer hopped right out of the car inside the tunnel to put on a full performance of Britney's 2008 hit "Womanizer," complete with hair flips and armography aplenty. Now that's a star. And considering this footage is over four years old now, it's clear that B-Girl was already way ahead of the general public in predicting Tinashe's rise to fame. Nostradamusney!

Check out a pre-major label Tinashe work it out in the middle of traffic to Brit's "Womanizer" below.