Tinashe was the subject of a recent Spin profile, which followed the R&B-leaning singer-songwriter between scheduled TV and awards show appearances as she continues work on Joyride, the follow-up to her strong Aquarius debut. The artist had a huge 2015 with the release of a mixtape, Amethyst, excellent features on songs from Bleachers and producer Snakehips and opening slots for both Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. Oh, and she found time to write a song or two for Fifth Harmony.

According to the piece, the Tinashe-penned "She's My Girl" may be the pop quintet's lead single from the album we're tentatively calling 5H2. Tinashe wrote it while she was on the road with Katy.

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui, who further opened up about the new album's sound in a conversation about Tinashe, calls her "a necessary player in the game.” Lauren went on to say, "I think honesty is such a lost value in this industry at this point, especially when you’re dealing with mainstream pop. I think people have a hard time being true to themselves in the public eye — because people are so judgmental — but I really admire the fact that [Tinashe] does that and she doesn’t give a f---k what people say.”

Tinashe discusses the need for honesty and speaking up for her own creative vision in the profile. She says she learned to recognize and handle the sexism inherent in the pop music industry when she made Aquarius. "It’s me being a cute, young girl and it’s me having an opinion, having a perspective," she told Spin. "A lot of times people expect artists to not have one, or hope that they don’t. When I was working with these producers, especially people who’ve had hits in the past, it’s very hard for them to take my perspective into consideration."

With a take-no-nonsense attitude and a penchant for working with fellow female artists, Tinashe sounds like a promising Fifth Harmony collaborator...hopefully we'll be learning more about their sophomore album in early 2016.

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