Tinashe's "All Hands on Deck" video proved she could demand the attention of a shipyard without much trouble — but what about the epicenter of New York City's Times Square?

The singer and songwriter, who will tour with Nicki Minaj this summer, delivered a positively illuminating performance of her new single on Good Morning America earlier today, and if the sheen of her sharp tone or laser-cut choreography doesn't offer enough shine in the clip above, that iridescent panel on the back of her jeans likely does the trick.

"Good morning, America!" the performer winks before she and two backup dancers dive straight into the performance's first few dance steps. Two more join as the tune intensifies, and in the blink of an eye, the GMA stage is a no-holds-barred dance party.

Still, no two-step comes at the expense of Tinashe's killer vocals, and when "All Hands on Deck" works its way to the bridge, the singer grounds her legs and lets her voice fly.

"And you know that I tried / Really gave my all / Everything we built / Baby you let it fall," she cries.

Now, having found her voice, Tinashe told SPIN yesterday (June 2) she intends to continue using it.

"[With debut album Aquarius], I knew what I wanted to do, but everybody that I was working with really had no clue who I was or what I wanted to do,” she said. “What I’ve learned with this second album is to not waste time making records that aren’t going to end up on the project. Don’t waste time spending the first day getting to know the producer and just cutting whatever they want."

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