Iggy Azalea's featured verse on Tinashe's "All Hands On Deck" is meant to go as follows:

"Every night another city, different time zone / All I wanna do is get my shine on / Come and deal with Iggy, get your mind blown / New coupe, no roof, got the mind gone."

Unfortunately, during a live performance of the song earlier this week at the Washington State Fair, it went a little something more like this:


Yes, Azalea, who says she's six songs deep on her sophomore album, had a bit of a forgetful spell while on the road with Tinashe. Still, she managed to impressively recover by the "S------' on you even when I play polite" line (who could forget that bit of poetry?!), and proved a little bit of mortification isn't enough to knock her totally off balance.

Plus, YouTube user BlehhhBlooo, who posted the clip above, noted that the rapper eventually apologized for her error later on in the show. That, ladies and gents, is a consummate pro.

This isn't the first time Iggy's had issues getting her points across on stage. In March, a Vine that found the singer essentially spitting gibberish made its way around the web. The year? 2012. Its legacy? Timeless.

And, during a 2014 Dancing With The Stars performance, Iggy's delivery didn't seem to match up with a prerecorded track, and she wound up stopping entirely, noting "...there's something wrong with my ear."

What do you make of Iggy's absent-mindedness? Impressed she was able to recover?

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