If Tinashe already had all hands on deck, consider her two new co-workers very powerful volunteers.

The 22-year-old R&B singer/songwriter, whose debut album, Aquarius, was met with critical acclaim, is already hard at work on her sophomore effort, and told SPIN she recruited hit-machines Dr. Luke and Max Martin to see her new vision through.

"I really didn’t waste any time," she told the magazine. No kidding.

"With Dr. Luke, I’ve actually been in the studio with him for five days total and we’ve made a handful of records,” she said. “The momentum felt really cool. With the second album, you always want to push it forward and I think that that one thing I was looking for from him was those big hooks, those super catchy, huge, smash hooks while still integrating that into what I do."

Still, she assured fans she is not venturing into EDM-territory, and explained that—while she plans to experiment with tempo—she isn't abandoning the sound she's carved out for herself.

"[With Aquarius], I knew what I wanted to do, but everybody that I was working with really had no clue who I was or what I wanted to do," she admitted. "What I’ve learned with this second album is to not waste time making records that aren’t going to end up on the project. Don’t waste time spending the first day getting to know the producer and just cutting whatever they want."

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