If you're a person who dwells upon the Internet, you might have already seen by now that Playboy, the iconic men's magazine known for their hard-hitting economic analysis (LOL, just kidding — known for their naked lady spreads!), is officially changing their ways. And as of 2016, the print edition of Playboy will no longer feature nude spreads within its pages. ("Boo! Hiss!" shouts a horny 16-year-old male who has apparently never used a computer before.)

As if to start making that point very clear, the magazine launched a sexy, yet entirely tasteful spread this week featuring none other than the "Player" princess herself, Tinashe.

And, to quote Janet Jackson: Dammmmn, baby.

Between busting a sweat every day while opening on Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour (HI BRAZIL!), exploring South America Lara Croft-style and rehearsing to promote her upcoming record Joyride, it's no wonder that the "2 On" titan is in tip-top shape at the moment, and she ain't afraid to show it off — bet on it.

Check out Playboy to see the full spread — it's a SFW gallery, but no guarantees if you start clicking around the rest of their site.

And just to further blow your mind (just like that!) and show off her effortless versatility, Tinashe's gone high fashion in the same month and popped up in the pages of the November 2015 issue of Vogue to model fashions from the New Class of CFDA alongside a relatively unknown, up-and-coming model named...Kendall Jenner.

Yes, that's Playboy and Vogue at the same damn time. You better keep up, player.

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