British rapper Tinie Tempah will release an autobiography about his success as a rap artist. Within the past year, the emcee has taken the world by storm. His album 'Disc-Overy' is a double-platinum seller in the U.K., while in the United States, his anthemic single, 'Written in the Stars,' was a chart-topping hit.

The book titled 'Tinie Tempah: My Story So Far' is set for release in the U.K. on Oct. 13 through Ebury Publishing. The book will chronicle Tempah's early beginnings in London to his struggles and hard work in creating his debut LP 'Disc-Overy.'

"I really wanted to tell my story of how I did it," he tells NME. "The highs and the lows, the false starts, the people I've met along the way, the artists that have inspired me and the sheer determination that it's taken for me to accomplish some of the incredible achievements that I've been fortunate to experience over the last 18 months or so."

According to Ebury, the 'Till I'm Gone' rapper will discuss his family upbringing and interesting tidbits like when he had his first kiss and what it was like to meet Prince William.

No offense to Tempah and his latest endeavors as an author, but isn't he a little young to be writing an autobiography? He's only 22 years old and just starting to forge a successful rap career.

"I feel like now is the right time to do that, as I go into my arena tour and as I begin work on my second album," Tempah says about releasing his new book. "I feel that now is a great time to tell my story and share this journey with my fans."

I guess it was really written in the stars for Tinie Tempah.