Summer arrives with a little help from Tino Coury's 'Drink My Love Away' video. But it's not all fun in the sun. The video is a little deeper and heavier, and it gets you thinking, especially if you've ever experienced the highs and lows of summer love.

Coury, a Pittsburgh native, is cruising in a convertible on a wide open coastal road in California and engaging in merriment with a circle of friends, which is equal parts bros and chicks. We see him pull away from his pals, walking solo on the rocks that jut out into the ocean while singing his song -- which is pretty, contemplative, mid-tempo and summer-friendly all rolled into one. Immediately, we can tell something is up.

A beach party unfolds on the soft, cooling white sand as the sun is fading. It's such a vivid clip that we can almost feel the cool grains between our toes! Coury's crew ignites a bonfire, as they sip mightily from red solo cups, give each other piggy back rides, bury one other in the sand, and hang. This is the stuff memories of a lifetime are made of.

Coury (who in real life saw an injury derail his plans for a football career), remains on the periphery in this video, trying to make eye contact with a pretty brunette who looks a little bit like actress Megan Fox. While everyone is having fun around him, he's lost in thought. His mind is otherwise occupied, despite the mirth that surrounds him.

While other romances are born around him, Coury is the loner, brooding a bit. He walks off, looking at a photo of the one he loves, who appears to be the pretty brunette.

Do they meet face-to-face in the end? What happens?

Watch it and find out.

'Drink My Love Away' appears on Coury's upcoming debut full-length 'This One's For.'

Watch the Tino Coury 'Drink My Love Away'