TLC singer Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins isn't chasing waterfalls. Instead, she's pursuing another shot at a solo career on her new TLC reality series 'Totally T-Boz.' The show chronicles the Grammy-winning songbird's attempt to reinvent herself in the music industry after moving to Los Angeles.

The series also explores T-Boz's health scares within the past year, including her battle with sickle-cell anemia and recovering from brain surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor.

On the three-minute promo, we see T-Boz telling producer Bangladesh that she's ready to make her mark in the music game again. The two were supposed to collaborate three years ago but her failing health put those plans on hold. Now the 'A Milli' hit-maker is apprehensive about working with the 'No Scrubs' singer.

"I was recovering from my brain tumor surgery, so I couldn't do it," T-Boz explains to Bang-Deezy. "I couldn't see, hear, walk ... it took me three years to talk, see, walk."

T-Boz is determined to get back in the music game, but Bangladesh isn't quite sure if she's really serious. The 42-year-old singer insists she's ready to put in that work.

“I guess I have to prove myself all over again, even if it’s to the world. I don’t have a problem doing that,” she says. "I'm ready."

We wish T-Boz the best of luck on her new album and living the California life.

T-Boz's reality series 'Totally T-Boz' will premiere on Jan. 1 at 8PM ET on the TLC network.

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