To Be One, who appeared on Season 6 of 'America's Best Dance Crew' and were runners-up, are moving onward and upward with their pop music career on the back of their debut single 'Wherever You Wanna Go.' Now is as good a time as any to learn 10 key facts about the adorable foursome.

But first, a little background info. The group met seven years ago at a New Jersey dance studio and became the youngest troupe to appear on the MTV dance series.

If you didn't watch the show or their season, you can get to know 'em here, as we unearthed 10 cool things about the group, including what they do before they eat and go to bed; who one of the member's biggest musical influence is; who has a side gig of sorts; and who digs classical music.

Find out 10 things you need to know about To Be One -- that's Madison, Mikey, Louis and Jason. Get to know 'em up close and personal NOW.

  • 1

    They say a prayer before each meal and before they go to bed.

  • 2

    Madison can eat a whole peanut and jelly sandwich in 15 seconds -- yes, he timed it.

  • 3

    They just started living together.

  • 4

    Louis is heavily into fashion and is a sneaker head.

  • 5

    Mikey knows how to rap and considers himself a dope beatboxer.

  • 6

    Madison likes to listen to Beethoven.

  • 7

    Jason is a twin.

  • 8

    Louis is an animal lover and wants to rescue animals.

    David McNew, Getty Images
  • 9

    Mikey's biggest musical influence is Usher.

  • 10

    Louis knows how to DJ and DJs at friends' parties.