The only sect of the population that earns a pass or a "Get out of jail free card" for insulting Justin Bieber's famous coif consists of babies, toddlers and kids under the age of 10! In this hilarious video, a young and adorable toddler, aged 3, offers his criticism of The Biebs after his haircut.

The little boy is obviously a Bieber fan and aware of the singer's song, namely 'U Smile,' and his hair. The toddler says, "Bieber, Bieber, Bieber's gonna sing, you smile, I smile."Cute, right?

Then the lil' guy notices that The Biebs has altered his signature coif. "There's Bieber," the little tyke says, and then acknowledges the change."Bieber looks funny with less hair. His hair looks funny. It's so bad." Spoken like a stylist-in-training.

If we didn't know any better, we'd think this was scripted, but it's so natural and fast, there's no way it could be. Hopefully Bieber gets another drastic haircut -- we are dying to see more of this adorable little toddler!

Watch a Toddler Critique Justin Bieber's Hair