Short of putting their kid in a washing machine, we may have found the cruelest parent on viral video in quite a while. An adorable little girl got her poor heart shattered when Jessica Sanchez lost out on 'American Idol' to crooner Phillip Phillips -- and her mom had a camera on hand ... and a subsequent field day.

The tiny brunette in 'Tangled' sheets and Hello Kitty pajamas was sobbing almost uncontrollably. Her mom, likely knowing full well what was bothering her, came into her room with a camera and pried, "What's wrong?" The tyke wailed, "Jessica didn't wiiiiiiiiiiin!" Her mom, not sounding terribly comforting -- but clearly amused -- replied, "It's not a big deal."

Not so, the gal thinks. "It iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! She's my faaaavorite!" After some more teary-eyed, agonized yelps, her mom cuts in once again, "She's a loser. She lost." Harsh much, Momma? The tot, not keen on being exploited, proceeds to glare at, then hide under her covers from, the camera.

Her mom tries to lure her into delusions of victory, telling her that Jessica really did win and that the whole world was just kidding -- but this girl ain't dumb. She proceeds to kick and cry, then refuses to fall for any more of mom's on-camera attention trolling. (Seriously, can you imagine this woman when her daughter loses a softball game someday?)

Typically, children screaming, crying and being uncooperative is annoying -- but in this case, it's both wise and hilarious. We salute you and your inadvertent savviness, Crying Pajama Girl. And don't worry -- Jessica Sanchez is probably getting a record deal anyway.

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