When Tokio Hotel chatted with Just Jared, the guys revealed some exciting news: They're penning their own book!

When asked about their favorite books and if they would ever write their own, Bill and Tom Kaulitz explained that they are planning to release a biography of the band in 2015.

"I mean, we’re going to do that this year. So maybe that’s going to be our favorite book then," Bill explained about the tome. "It’s going to be a biography, just like our first 25 years. We are going to write it together. I hope we have the time for it, because we really want to write it."

And knowing how rabid their fanbase is, we know the die-hards are hoping for the same.

The guys further explained that they'll all put their individual voices into the autobiography.

"I think there are some stories you can tell better than me," Bill joked to his brother. "And the other way around."

Tokio Hotel fans, what do you think of a book about the band?