As soon as a newly platinum blond Kim Kardashian graced the internet yesterday (March 5), the Draco Malfoy comparisons immediately started rolling in. And of course, Tom Felton -- aka Malfoy himself -- had the best reaction of all.

Because this is the internet, the world couldn't help but take one look at Kim's bleached, slicked-back hair and immediately call to mind the Harry Potter character. There were tweets, there were memes, and then there was Tom Felton, who took to Instagram to share his own thoughts on Kim K.'s new, golden hue.

"So apparently Kanye has a Draco fetish....#muse," the actor captioned the meme, which is basically Kim (and her new platinum 'do) superimposed over a pic of Malfoy, wand and all.

To anyone who follows Tom Felton on Instagram, the pic comes as no surprise. The actor regularly posts hilarious Harry Potter content on the photo-sharing app, whether it's a ridiculously LOL-worthy T-shirt (which he apparently designed himself for charity!) or gems like fetus Harry, Ron and Hermione with their arms crossed and the caption "Thug Life."

As for Kanye West being all into Draco Malfoy, well… that's just one that the "Yeezus" rapper will have to answer himself. And we're gonna go ahead and guess that he has a very opinionated stance on the subject. Or maybe he'll just flat-out think it's funny.

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