The Internet really loves when babies do normal things like laughing or tripping up stairs. Tom Fletcher's (aka the frontman of McFly) son saw a dandelion for the very first time and thought it was the funniest thing in the world, he was so unable to contain himself. And so, he laughed and laughed and laughed. The Internet deemed this cute and viral the video went.

Tom speaks to the camera, saying it is the first time his son has seen the flower, then he blows away the petals and Buzz smiles and laughs as we watch and curl up and die, in a good way. The video is practically a case-study in innocence and genuine happiness, two things we forgot still existed until this video was posted online. No matter how you may feel about children, how jaded you may be about love and life and goodness, whether you believe in life-after-death, this video will make you smile. If it does not, you probably do not have a soul. If you do have a soul, it was divided into seven horcruxes and eventually destroyed because you're Voldemort.

Tom uploaded the video to YouTube and captioned it with, "This is why being a Dad is awesome. This is the first time my son Buzz has ever seen a dandelion...I think he liked it." We think so, too.

Check out the full two minutes of Buzz being the happiest child in the world in the video above! Also be sure to take note of how happy his son's happiness makes Tom and try not to have your heart swell with love.