Not even Superman could save this marriage. Tom Welling and his wife Jamie White Welling are dunzo.

The 'Smallville' star and White Welling tied the knot in 2002, but TMZ reports that the pair have been separated since December 2012. White Welling finally pulled out the kryptonite and filed for divorce on October 16.

Why'd they split? The ever-handy "irreconcilable differences" has been listed as the motive for the divorce petition. (As in, it could be anything.)

The pair spent most of their time together in Vancouver where Welling filmed his long-running CW hit. After the show's run, the couple moved to Los Angeles in 2011. They have no children, so chances are if there was a prenup involved -- or if the split is amicable -- the divorce proceedings should be faster than a speeding bullet.