Restaurant: Impossible has rebuilt some truly appalling diners and watering holes, but it may have finally met its match.

On last night's Tonight Show (September 23), Jimmy Fallon dreamed up a sketch in which his teenage self held a part-time job at Nickelodeon's infamous Good Burger. In case you've forgotten, the fictional fast food joint's signature dish was ineptitude served with a side of incompetence, and in the video above, Jimmy and Ed (played by the character's originator, Kel Mitchell) prove to be about as useful as a soaking wet fireplace.

"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?" Kel offers in a sound byte that would send shivers up any fry-lover's spine. Jimmy and Ed earn their keep by squirting mustard on one ornery customer and breaking out into a spontaneous hip-hop performance after confusing "wrap" for "rap." Still, the real magic comes when Kel's former fellow All That cast member, Kenan Thompson, joins as a surly, wordy construction worker named Lester Oaks, who's jonesing for a quick bite.

"Now, I ain't got no time for your pleasantries, and your howdie-doody doodily-doos," he demands from Ed. "There's here's a serious matter that can only be rectified and reciprocated by you giving me a Double Good Burger and some frenchy fries."

Naturally, the order goes over about as successfully as a mesh canoe, but not before Lester accuses Ed and Jimmy of being "fuzzy nuggets." Quickly adding that gem to the insult-Rolodex...

The "Good Burger" sketch was originally featured on Nickelodeon's All That and spawned an eponymous movie in 1997.

Check out the clip above for stark evidence that the customer is not always right.

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