The world is finally getting to hear the last song Amy Winehouse recorded before she died, and her 'Body and Soul' duet with crooner Tony Bennett stands as one of the finest songs of her career.

This is traditional pop music, built around strings and piano. The song was written in 1930, after all. While the two stars may have been an odd pairing personally, their musical styles blend together nicely.

Vocally, the 85-year-old Bennett is reserved and straightforward, ceding the spotlight to Winehouse, who freelances a bit. Her vocals run together in places, making it slightly difficult to understand the words as she sings, "I spend my days in longing / And wondering why it's me you're wronging / I tell you I mean it / I'm all for you, body and soul."

But Winehouse's unique delivery has always been one of her trademarks. In that way, the song is unmistakably Amy.

The strings build to a climax during the final 20 seconds as Winehouse and Bennett provide the final payoff, harmonizing beautifully on the last line, "I’d gladly surrender myself to you body and soul."

We'll go out on a limb and say that with the overwhelming outpouring of love for Winehouse following her death and the Recording Academy's eternal admiration of Bennett, 'Body and Soul' has a great shot at capturing Record of the Year at next year's Grammy Awards. Such an honor would be well-deserved.

Listen to Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse, 'Body and Soul'