Tony Bennett, who recently came under fire for his 9/11 comments on 'The Howard Stern Show,' made another bold statement while appearing on Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show.'

Bennett is on the promo trail for his chart-topping 'Duets II,' which features 'Body and Soul,' the final recording singer Amy Winehouse ever did. It's obvious that people are going to ask him about his interaction with the singer, who died at 27 on July 23.

Stewart asked the crooner if he had an inkling that Winehouse was in any sort of physical or emotional trouble, since Bennett has been around since the '50s and has seen it all. Stewart asked if the singer could "feel it" from another performer. For example, with Winehouse, if Bennett could sense trouble or if it was just "all business" when he entered the studio with her.

Bennett answered carefully and said, "She knew she was in a lot of trouble, that she wasn't going to live."

How sad that Winehouse was prophetic about her own demise. It's probably just as hard for Bennett to promote their beautiful duet in light of her passing.

Watch the Tony Bennett Interview on 'The Daily Show'