'The Voice' coach Christina Aguilera and finalist Tony Lucca have a history, the most recent of which is contentious. Years ago, they were both Mouseketeers. But there has been some sort of inexplicable ongoing beef all season long on 'The Voice,' as Xtina has consistently criticized the Team Adam contestant Lucca in a not nice way. We'll say it: She's been mean. It boiled over on last night's penultimate episode, causing Lucca to publicly apologize for his role in the drama.

First, a little background on Xtina and Lucca's 'Voice' interactions. Earlier this season, she referred to him as "one dimensional" during his performance. Last night, when he turned in a rocked out jam of Jay-Z's metaphorical '99 Problems,' we called it the "WTF moment" of the season, and in a good way.

Xtina backhanded him with a compliment, saying, "I thought you sounded great, I mean you have a really cool voice. Tonight you came here with your beautiful wife and daughter and family, and I just thought the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory toward women, but you know, all in all it was all in good fun."

Jeez, Xtina. What's the problem? You seem to have 99 of 'em with Tony. Did you and Lucca date when you wore mouse ears and it went horribly, tragically wrong? "B---" doesn't have to mean "woman!"

For his part, Lucca took the high road, telling CNN that the season-long tension has been tough to bear and he is happy to be rid of it, as tonight (May 8, 2012) is the season finale. He said the drama "has sort of been like a dark cloud over the whole season and for the other contestants that has not been entirely fair. So I apologize for my role in it." That was big of him!

Whether he is crowned Season 2's winner, which is entirely possible (especially since his coach Adam Levine mentored last season's winner Javier Colon), he is happy to be moving on. "There’s an aspect to this whole gauntlet that I won’t miss," Lucca said. "It was a little disappointing to go from this reunion thing on air to going to getting some pushback so I will be happy I won’t have to deal with that anymore. ... I’m ready to move past it.”

In other could-be drama, Levine was seen wearing a Team Xtina shirt and her finalist Chris Mann was dragged into the verbal melee between the coaches, too. What a mess. Who needs that headache every week?

Good luck to Tony Lucca and all of the remaining contestants tonight.