The most difficult battle round decision of the night was Cee Lo Green's to make. Monday night's final battle on 'The Voice' was between two married men at a crossroads in their careers. Tony Vincent and Justin Hopkins sang Journey's 'Faithfully' like they'd lived every word.

Really, they had. During the emotional performance it was impossible to ignore their sincerity and passion. "Loving a music man ain't always what it's supposed to be," Vincent sang, dressed in quasi-military regalia. Earlier he'd worked with Green and Babyface, who called him a professional singer. He said he thought the Broadway star wasn't looking for weaknesses, just small areas he could improve on.

Hopkins was equally talented, and Ne-Yo praised him for his unique growl. "A lot of emotion in his voice, naturally. I think that's a real strength for him," he said. Green teared up during rehearsals with the two singer's talents and convictions forcing him to dab his eyes on the plum pajamas he'd worn to rehearsals.

The battle was arguably the night's finest. With their families looking on (including Vincent's pregnant wife) the men traded verses on the Journey song. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton liked Hopkins, but Christina Aguilera praised Vincent's versatility. Green agreed with her.

"This is a hard song, we live it, we're artists," he said, once again fighting back tears. "You guys fought so hard for this, and the winner of this battle round for me … is Tony."

After the performance Vincent talked about how the win was bitter sweet, because he and Hopkins were in such similar positions. Our last image was of the Billy Corgan look-alike giving his wife's baby bump a sweet kiss goodnight.

Watch Tony Vincent and Justin Hopkins Perform 'Faithfully' on 'The Voice'