This season's Top 13 contestants -- you know, the ones who were voted off and sent home after making it to LA -- performed Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' to open tonight's finale of 'American Idol.' They were all cloaked in white as they harmonized the dance hit.

It was an effervescent version of the pop star's latest smash hit; and while we liked how the male voices played against those of the females, the end result sounded more like something you would hear at a high school pep rally or football game, as performed by a marching band.

It was big and and it was bold, but we were half expecting Gaga herself, who is set to perform later this evening, to show up and join the 13 and convert them into Monsters. But alas, she did not. She was probably backstage applying prosthetic cheekbones and preparing for what should be her show-stopping rendition of the life-affirming anthem 'Edge of Glory.'

After all the time we spent covering the Top 13, it was nice to see them again. We're sure it won't be the last time, at least for the Top 11, who are set to tour together this summer.