There's no doubt that Drake loves his native hometown of Toronto. The Canadian rapper gloriously reps the city in his video for 'Headlines' and in the song 'City Is Mine.' However, a promotional billboard that was erected to promote his new album 'Take Care' has Toronto officials up in arms.

Apparently, Drizzy didn't get permission to use the same fonts and image as the city's own welcoming sign for his billboard. The outdoor banner, located at Toronto's busiest highway, features the album's title, release date ("Nov. 15") and his signature owl replacing Toronto's official logo. The city’s population ("2,753,609") is listed below.

According to the local paper The Star, city officials just recently got wind of the billboard and are now reviewing the matter. “The similarity of the wordmarks, in conjunction with other creative elements used for the billboard, may cause some confusion about the source of the information," said city spokesperson Francine Antonio-Forte. "While the city is proud of its local and international talent, we have a general practice of reviewing and addressing reported or known cases related to the possible misuse of the Toronto logo."

We don't know where this matter will go from here, but, most likely, Drake will have to take the billboard down. It's a small consolation since the album is already in stores and selling briskly.

Drake may have gone overboard with his affections for Toronto but there's an old saying, "bad publicity is good publicity." Take care.