Ever wonder what life is like on the road with Aussie superstar Cody Simpson? Well, with the help of his sister and fellow blonde Alli, the 'Got Me Good' singer invites fans on a guided tour of his bus while he's on the road.

Alli, who just woke up herself but looks adorbs with a messy, unfussy bun piled atop her head, goes to the bunks to wake up her brother, since that's what sisters do. She reaches into his sleeping quarters and shakes him. He moans, "I'm not naked, don't worry. I'm wearing shorts. I have to put on a shirt first, and this is something you can't see." So close, but so far, ladies! No sneak peeks at Simpson's, uh, stuff.

For someone just roused from a sound sleep, Simpson was pretty pleasant. Most people need several ounces of a caffeinated beverage in order to function after being shaken from slumber. Simpson merely runs his hand through his hair and is ready to offer a tour of his, well, tour vehicle.

Simpson jokes that he likes to sleep in the top bunk because it gives him the feeling of being in charge. He also says that he hangs out at the back of his bus more often than not.

He then shows viewers the bathroom, which is "where all the funny business goes on." He shares a crucial piece of tour bus etiquette, saying, "No No. 2s on the bus, by the way. The No. 1 rule of tour is no taking dumps on the bus." That rule exists since there's nowhere to flush the waste.

Simpson then switches to the fridge ... how appetizing. He also introduces us to the ceramic chicken with which he travels.

The vid is an intimate look at life on the road and is the first episode of The Warner Sound ‘Wish U Were Here Summer Series.’ Another Cody Simpson vid is set to drop next week.

Watch Cody Simpson's Tour Bus Footage