Madonna's directional debut, 'W.E.' isn't in theaters until Dec. 9, but the 'Like a Virgin' hitmaker wants to get us excited for it weeks ahead of time. Madge unleashed the three-minute film trailer to the web, and as expected, the flick looks absolutely beautiful.

Madonna already showed the full-length feature to the folks at the 68th Venice Film Festival back in September, and based on the critic reviews that we read, folks were on the fence about the movie. Based on this trailer, we'll agree to disagree -- 'W.E.' looks fab.

Not only is the film beautifully shot, but it showcases Madonna's daughter Lourdes portraying a young version of Wally Winthrop, a modern day woman who becomes obsessed with the relationship between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. The plot is situated in our time and in the '30s when the events took place, and swirls back and forth between the periods throughout the duration of the film.

We can't wait to see Madge's directing debut -- and mini-icon's acting skills -- when the red carpet unrolls here in the States this winter.

Watch the 'W.E.' Trailer