There's nothing better than Friday morning breakfast TV performances, which take place outside in New York City. As summer begins to fade over the next few weeks and the weather starts to develop a chill, these performances become a thing of the past; but Train's performance of 'Hey, Soul Sister' and 'Save Me, San Francisco' on the TODAY show this morning was enough to make us forget about these weather limitations!

The band soared through their smash 'Hey, Soul Sister,' while singer Pat Monahan danced his way through the crowd, which was packed in like cattle. The music clearly moved the singer and the adoring crowd. Pat had fun so the soccer moms had fun. The kids had fun, too.

With much of the tri-state are bracing for Hurricane Irene, who is expected to arrive on Saturday, Train performed in the full glow of the sunshine and the song, with its upbeat, positive energy, made it feel a tad sunnier. Good music has that effect on things.

Monahan was also wearing white pants. It's not Labor Day yet, so it's not a fashion faux pas.

The band quickly talked about starting their own line of wine in the interview segment before performing 'Save Me, San Francisco.'

Watch Train Perform 'Hey, Soul Sister'

Watch Train Perform 'Save Me, San Francisco'