The sixth and final season of 'Glee' is well underway, and season seven's episode, titled 'Transitioning,' is set to air this coming Friday (Feb. 13). Even better? We've got a sneak peek at the songs from the upcoming episode to tide you over until Friday, and it looks like it'll be well worth the wait.

The episode will see Will admitting that as much as he likes coaching Vocal Adrenaline, he misses the team spirit of New Directions and how willing they were to support each other. He tries to teach Vocal Adrenaline a lesson in tolerance, but it looks like not everyone is willing to go along with his lesson plan. Meanwhile, Rachel is forced to say goodbye to her family home as it has been sold. Coach Bieste, now a man named Sheldon, returns to McKinley high. Finally, we see Kurt and Blaine together in a scene so tense you could cut it with the dullest butter knife known to man.

The songs in the episode include the insanely catchy 'All About That Bass,' the '80s hit 'You Give Love a Bad Name,' 'Same Love,' 'Somebody Loves You,' 'Time After Time' and 'I Know Where I've Been.'

Check out the trailer above, take a listen to the songs below and be sure to tune in to 'Transitioning' when it airs on Friday. Head back over to PopCrush the next day for an exclusive recap from one of the Warblers, Rilan!