Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy is gearing up for a long tour behind his band's new album, 'The Papercut Chronicles II.'

"Usually when we put out a record, we like to tour for at least three, four years," McCoy tells Billboard. "If that's the case, I'll be 34, 35 when it's over. I think it'll be time to take a break."

McCoy and his bandmates have been playing shows already featuring material from the new album, which arrives in stores tomorrow, Nov. 15. "We took a chance in Philly and played a new song, 'Martyrial Gir$,' and they ate it up," he says. "I got super-gassed and jumped into the crowd, and they were singing it back to me. I was [thinking], 'How do they know this s--- already?'"

After his solo album 'Lazarus' and guest spots on tracks like Taio Cruz's 'Higher,' McCoy has been super-busy for a few years now. "It was just one big f---ing menagerie of work," he says. "During the 'Lazurus' cycle, we were already writing songs for 'The Papercut Chronicles II.' So for me, it's been pretty much nonstop since 'The Quilt.'"

Gym Class Heroes' collaboration with Adam Levine, 'Stereo Hearts,' has moved into the Top 5, and Fueled by Ramen president CEO John Janick predicts big things for this album. "We think that there's at least three big hit singles on it and plan on working this album through next summer and beyond," he says. "We believe in Gym Class long term."