R&B loverboy Trey Songs has been crowned as the face of Rocawear's newest fragrance called Evolution. According to the apparel company, the cologne offers a rich and oriental masculine scent with juicy aromas of mandarin, mango, rhubarb and rum. It sounds like ingredients to a drink if you ask us, but we digress.

The crooner feels he's the perfect representative for the product since he's been modeling Rocawear's clothing line for a few years. "When I first began to be the face of the Rocawear brand, I thought the fact that it was about evolving was very parallel to my career and my sense of style, the way I’ve grown from the beginning of my career to now," he told Glamazons. "Looking at Rocawear in the early stages, [it evolved from] oversized T-shirts, jeans, Rocawear logos real big on every article of clothing to now being urban chic [and] tailored."

Of course, Songz doesn't need any help bagging the ladies, however, the 'Bottoms Up' singer asserts that wearing the Evolution cologne has increased his swagger. "Clearly, a woman loves a man that smells good," he says. "Women have a great appreciation for style and fragrances are a piece of style just as much as the clothes they're wearing. Evolution is like that perfect mixture of a strong scent but yet still soft and subtle. When I wear it, I feel a little more confident. I’m a confident man already but it definitely gives that extra boost."

Meanwhile, Songz is traveling to Africa next week for a series of concert dates. It will be his first trip to the Motherland, which he hopes will inspire song ideas for his next album tentatively titled 'Chapter 5.' "I'm going to South Africa and I’m elated about it," he says. "I’m taking my mother and family. That trip will be very instrumental in what this next album will be."