Soul man Trey Songz goes the rap route on 'Trigga in Africa,' a new song in which he raps over the Kanye West-Jay-Z 'Watch the Throne' track 'N----s in Paris.'

"No, I don't know Wiz Khalifa but I be blowin' that reefer," Songz raps. He gives direct shout-outs to Kanye and Jay-Z and covers a lot of lyrical ground, boasting about his musical talent and his skills with the ladies.

"Go Trey, ok, I go O.J. / Crazy sh--, Simpson and then some / I lynch some, can't hang with this / Got a new safe / Goes well with my new place / They freakin,' I'm beastin' / Ball so hard I'm about to lose weight / She ain't wanna have sex / Two-face, touche, what you say? / You heard me certainly / She gave me top, aka toupee."

'Trigga in Africa' is the latest in a series of makeovers Songz has given to popular hip-hop songs, following his remixes of Lil Wayne's 'She Will' and Drake's 'Headlines.'

It's cool that Songz wants to match his rhyming ability against some of the biggest names in hip-hop, but the flipside is that he's usually going to come out on the short end of the stick. He's not Kanye or Jigga, so Trey's one-liners and delivery aren't going to sound quite as good in comparison, but he still holds his own.

Listen to Trey Songz, 'Trigga in Africa'