"Youth" is evidently something with which Troye Sivan is expertly familiar.

On last night's (December 9) episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallonthe Blue Neighborhood singer shared the method to his madness, which evidently includes speaking like a peripheral character from Rugrats. 

"When I'm writing with this particular writing group, we'll talk in, like, a baby voice," he shares in the clip above. "It kind of informs some of the lyrics. There's this one lyric: 'We've been making shades of purple out of red and blue,' but for me, it's always 'We've been making shades of purple out of wed and bwoo...when I'm touring, I hope that doesn't come out."

And the album skews young elsewhere, too, Sivan admitted. While writing "Wild," he and his team realized the sound of a kid's choir was missing. So, he summoned back a group of children who'd met him for pictures and autographs earlier, but had since left for lunch.

"We like, demanded they come back," he recalls. "We got them back into the studio and we made them sing, and now they're on 'Wild.'"

The broadcast also saw Sivan's debut TV performance of—no surprise—"Youth," a cool, neon-decorated set which left him as smiley as a restless fifth-grader on early-release day. Chocolate milk for everyone!

Check out the clips above, share your thoughts and if you've gotten your hands on a copy of Blue Neighborhoodtell us what you think!

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