Last month, Troye Sivan wrapped up his three-part video narrative for Blue Neighbourhood with "Talk Me Down," and we haven't heard any new material from the album (due for release on December 4) since — until now.

Sivan premiered "Youth" today (November 13), which he co-wrote with Alex Hope, Bram Inscore, and Leland, and Allie X. Although Sivan debuted the song live last month in concert, this is our first taste of its official studio version, which you can listen to below through Spotify.

The three-minute track is a bombastic love song that is subtly reminiscent of Lorde in its verses and Ellie Goulding in its chorus, yet remains undeniably Sivan through and through. Like "Wild" before it, "Youth" finds Sivan basking in the unbridled joy of being with the one he loves, a joy that he manages to convey in a genuinely appealing way.

The verses consist of a series of hypothetical questions that Sivan posits to his lover, asking things like "What if, what if we run away?" and "What if we say goodbye to safe and sound?" The questions all connect to Sivan's larger message of carpe diem, which he directly acknowledges when he sings, "'Cuz we got time runnin' on / Before our bodies turn to stones."

The chorus portrays Sivan as devoting himself fully and completely to his love, declaring again and again that "My youth, my youth is yours." He is also overcome with the ecstasy of being in love, so much so that he is (or maybe they both are) "Trippin' on skies, sippin' waterfalls."

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