Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart.

Like its title suggests, 'True Blood' is pretty, well, bloody. Look no further than the show's countless and decidedly unsubtle deaths to see just how much carnage is shed on a regular basis.

Our friends over at ScreenCrush (who have much, much stronger stomachs than we do) commemorated the end of the vampiric series by curating an amazing supercut of the most memorable deaths from 'True Blood.'

So just what can you expect from this blood-irific montage? Some stake-stabbing, burning, beheading, wooden bullet-shooting and heart-removing. Oh, and lots and lots of blood-spewing. Nothing out of the ordinary for Bon Temps, right?

OK, this is your last warning. In case the 'Most Memorable Deaths' title didn't give it away, the video above is pretty darn gory. But that being said, you should definitely check it out! This is a must-watch for any 'True Blood' fan.