Tulisa Contostavlos, a former 'X Factor' judge in the U.K. and founding member of the hip-hop group N-Dubz, was arrested on the suspicion of supplying class A drugs -- in this case, cocaine.

The Sun reports that Scotland Yard confirmed the 24-year-old Tulisa was arrested with another 35-year-old man after they were caught by the newspaper arranging a deal of cocaine worth around $1200. The U.K. newspaper recorded the 'X Factor' judge at a London restaurant talking about cocaine saying, "Half my phone book sells it. Of course I can get it for you," she continued, "Half the guys I know are drug dealers. One’s a massive cocaine dealer. He’s my best friend. He’s a gangster — he’s my gangster."

Previously, Contostavlos had been very vocal about her struggles with substance abuse, saying she had given up drugs at the tender age of 14. Sounds like she's singing a much different tune when she's in the right, or rather wrong, company.

These drug allegations against Tulisa Contostavlos are pretty serious, the songstress could face some serious jail time if she's convicted. Making these incriminating statements on camera will certainly not help her case at all. Possession of a Class A drug in the U.K. carries with it a prison sentence of seven years or an unlimited fine. In the realm of supply and production, which we're guessing her offenses fall under, she could face up to life in prison, though we don't think the amount of cocaine she was supplying would merit that sentence.

Looks like Tulisa is in for a world of legal pain in the coming months.

Eamonn McCormack, Getty Images