It's been nearly 15 years since the death of Tupac Shakur, but the rapper still has unreleased material in his vault. Two more songs have been unearthed that feature Tupac dissing Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Mobb Deep and many more.

The songs appear to have been recorded in the mid-'90s when Tupac was feuding with Diddy and Bad Boy Records. 'Watch Yo Mouth' takes aim at Tupac's 'California Love' duet partner Dr. Dre, of whom Pac rhymes, "We untouchable now that we done shook Doc Dre /He ain't made a beat in six years, swear he the s--- / Won't get no record sales suckin' Nas' d---."

Hip-hop trio De La Soul don't escape Shakur's wrath, as he raps, "De La got a problem with this hard sh-- / Ever since 'Me, Myself and I' y’all been garbage / I’m gonna keep it real, show you how it feels to ride / Y’all went three feet and stopped risin.'"

Next on the hit list are Diddy and Notorious B.I.G.: "Queen Puff never had no heart to start / So how the hell Biggie Smalls get the part?"

'NY 87' was recorded by Tha Dogg Pound with DJ Quik and Tupac. Driven by a heavy bass, the song takes on B.I.G., Mobb Deep and A Tribe Called Quest. On Shakur's creative verse, he brags about his own skills and threatens his enemies:

"I ain't choosin' sides, hell no, f--- everybody / It's west side when I ride, watch for dead bodies / Lyrics are colorful, words are anaesthetic / Problems are getting' worked out faster than calisthenics."

The East Coast-bashing calls to mind the East Coast-West Coast rap feud that may have led to his shooting death in 1996. Just two weeks ago, the man who shot Tupac five times in 1994 finally confessed.

Listen to Tupac Shakur, 'Watch Yo Mouth' (explicit)

Listen to Tha Dogg Pound, 'NY 87' Feat. Tupac Shakur, DJ Quik & Deadly Threat (explicit)