A sex tape from Tupac Shakur apparently has surfaced and it's quite steamy if were are to believe TMZ. According to the gossip website, an XXX-rated tape purportedly features the late rapper receiving fellatio from a female groupie. The video is making the rounds in search of a buyer with deep pockets.

TMZ notes that the five-minute sex tape was recorded in 1991 and co-stars Digital Underground member Money B. The video begins with a bunch of groupies chilling in a living room at a house party. A shirtless Tupac walks in the room with his pants around his ankles singing along to one of his unreleased songs. He then pulls an unidentified woman towards him and she begins performing oral sex on him.

While all of this happening, Tupac is dancing with a blunt in one hand and a cocktail in the other hand and at some point Money B appears singing and dancing beside him. The woman still continues her, um, activity as all of this was going on. Near the end of the tape, it appears that Tupac was about to engage in sex with the female.

There's no word if there's a part II to this raunchy video. It's also unclear who is the owner of this alleged tape and how much he's asking for it. More importantly, 15 years after Tupac's death, why did it take this person so long to release the video?

One thing's for sure, Afeni Shakur, Tupac's mother, won't be happy about this piece of news.